How Company Holiday Parties Are Changing This Year

Picture of UFS Digital Media Team

UFS Digital Media Team

It’s the most wonderful time of year: We get together as a team to celebrate our accomplishments and share our appreciation at our coveted company holiday party… at least we did before the pandemic. We have learned over the past few years that adapting to a new normal is crucial for success so we applied that internally while shifting our holiday plans. 

Your team may have different comfort levels for in-person gatherings 

Before the pandemic we would get hotel rooms for our team, their spouses and children, to enjoy at The Bavarian Inn or Zehnder’s Splash Village in Frankenmuth, Michigan. We looked forward to having dinner with everyone and sharing a fun-filled evening at the waterpark. Although many team members may still feel comfortable in indoor settings, we didn’t want to assume that all of them would. We made the decision to scale back on our celebration this year and focus on creating a more inclusive experience for everyone to enjoy.

You may have to get creative 

Just because we aren’t going to spend the evening at a large indoor facility, doesn’t mean that we still can’t find ways to show our team how much we appreciate them. Virtual gatherings and small get-togethers were our favorite options this year.

There’s always next year

We aren’t sure if we will be able to celebrate the same way we did before the pandemic next year but we’re hopeful. Until then we will continue adapting and making sure our team knows we appreciate them all year long. 

Happy Holidays!

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