10 Reasons Why You Should Pressure Fry

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Pressure frying is a great option if your customers are looking for a consistently delicious product and you want to save time and money. Here are 10 reasons why you should pressure fry! 

  1. Pressure frying secures natural juices

Pressure frying keeps the foods you are preparing naturally moist and seals in natural flavors. 

  1. Pressure fried foods contain less grease 

Less moisture is able to leave food while frying and as a result, less shortening occurs. 

  1. It’s quicker and requires less energy

When you use pressure to cook foods it takes less time and energy because the heat is transferred more efficiently.

  1. Flavor transfer is greatly reduced 

Only a small amount of oil is transferred to the foods being pressure fried so there is very little, if any, flavor transfer between different products.

  1. It’s much more productive 

Pressure frying takes less time to fry the same amount of product in comparison to different methods. 

  1. It’s cleaner 

Pressure frying produces less oily steam so you will be less likely to have grease left behind on your hood and it greatly reduces odor and the time it takes to clean your kitchen. 

  1. It uses less shortening 

Because less moisture and juices escape from food while pressure frying less shortening is absorbed. 

  1. It reduces food shrinkage 

The natural juices are retained in the products while pressure frying, resulting in minimal shrinkage. 

  1. It gives you the freedom to create more menu items 

Our pressure fryers are very versatile and allow operators to make a variety of menu items ranging from proteins to vegetables.

  1. It produces consistent results 

When you create a menu item that your customers love you will be able to recreate it easily using your pressure fryer. This helps create consistency for your brand and helps you build your reputation.

The pressure fryers that we sell are built to last and to extend your oil life. Learn why our customers have trusted us to help them find solutions for their foodservice equipment needs. If you are a Michigander serious about food contact us today. 

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