Henny Penny Distributors Meeting Focuses on Adaptability

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UFS Digital Media Team

As we reflect on the last few years of business and prepare for 2022 we joined 18 other US distributors, three Canadian distributors, and numerous members of the upper management team of Henny Penny to learn, share, and plan for a successful new year. 

2020 and 2021 have been full of numerous challenges that impacted the food service equipment and supply industry. Lack of supplies and workers and the reduced ability to produce and sell equipment have caused obstacles for our clients and within our own business. Adapting to our new normal is extremely important, and was fittingly the theme of the conference. 

Presenters discussed equipment sales, parts, supplies and training as well as ways to adapt in our individual markets. Continuously producing the highest standard of customer service in our industry was stressed and something we look forward to upholding. 

Other discussions:

  • 2022 Innovations 
  • Updates on Henny Penny’s already successful training program 
  • Henny Penny’s marketing strategy for 2022

Lastly we toured the Incubator (Henny Penny’s manufacturing plant and engineering building). 

How are you preparing for 2022?

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