5 Ways to Fight Inflation With A Commercial Fryer

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Like many business owners in the food and beverage industry you are probably looking for solutions to combat soaring food prices, labor shortages, and rising utility costs. One powerful option may already be located in your kitchen: Your commercial fryer! According to a new report on the commercial fryer market in the U.S., fried foods bring in an average profit margin of 75 percent. Additionally, some low-oil volume fryers can deliver up to $5,000 in annual oil savings. But, how can you use your commercial fryer to boost your profits? 

1. Rethink Your Menu 

There is a rise in demand for plant-based dishes. This is great news as vegetables and fruits often cost less than meat. Using your fryer to create these dishes may help increase your profits. 

“More and more restaurants are serving up vegetable dishes like buffalo cauliflower, bang-bang cauliflower, spicy edamame, fried pickles, fried loaded tots, crispy eggplant fries, honey Sriracha Brussels sprouts, sweet potato fritters and more to their diners who are eating them up, quite literally,” said Henny Penny  Corporate Executive Chef Gregg Brickman. 

2. Conduct Regular Maintenance

By adjusting the way you care for your commercial fryer you may be able to save money. 

Cleaning regularly, and utilizing automatic oil filtration will require less oil. Henny Penny fryers make this very simple, with easy prompts to keep you on track. Here is a step-by-step video on how to clean your Henny Penny fryer. 

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“Between cleanings, to help keep your frying oil cleaner longer, consider adding an oil-life extender product like Henny Penny’s Prime Filter Powder, which is designed to make your filtered oil that much cleaner, translating in to fewer change outs, longer oil life, and more money in your wallet,” said Henny Penny Contributor Alyson Zaborowski.

Bonus: this will also help with your food quality and consistency. 

3. Maximize Your Fryer’s Throughput

“Your commercial deep fryer may be your most versatile piece of restaurant equipment,” said Henny Penny Contributor Alyson Zaborowski. “Depending on your menu, you may currently use it to fry baskets of crispy French fries and crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the inside chicken. Considering the profit margin associated with fried foods, you may want to explore your options and do more with your fryer.”

4. Leasing 

Have you thought about charging others to use your commercial fryer? 

“During off hours, your deep fryer can also drive revenue and increase profits when operating for a virtual restaurant, catering business, or leased to a reputable third-party,” according to Henny Penny Contributor Alyson Zaborowski

5. Consider Catering

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Where will you save the most on labor costs using your commercial fryer? 

“Catering is an untapped market for a lot of folks,” said United Foodservice Solutions’ Sales Representative and Startup Coordinator Jimmy Lyons. “With our 8 head pressure fryers, you can fry 8 whole chickens cut up (8 head of chicken) in 13 minutes! The labor savings are incredible when it comes to catering for large events.”

Are you looking for more ways to fight inflation? Email aaronh@ufss.net today to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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