5 Ways to Motivate and Inspire Your Team

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Graduation parties, family reunions, and summer celebrations, are all in full swing in Michigan. The increase in gatherings leads to a rise in demand for catering services. Bennett Halek, General Manager of Gus’s Carry Outs, shares 5 ways he motivates and inspires his team during their busy season. 

  1. Set the tone for success

“The most important way to lead is from the top,” said Halek. “We have an incredible staff, and the management team sets expectations. If they are cleaning, the rest of the team is cleaning.” 

  1. Offer Incentives 

“One way we keep the staff committed and motivated is by offering small acts of service,” said Halek. “Buying gift cards, or coffee, or donuts, for the day are very small tokens of appreciation that boost employee’s positivity.”

  1. Use positive reinforcement 

We pride ourselves on positive reinforcement,” said Halek. “We make sure every staff member is treated well, encouraged, and complimented on their work. I often write personal thank you notes and so does the management team. We also choose to constructively criticize our staff as opposed to simply using discipline.” 

4. Offer flexible scheduling

“We have a young labor force,” said Halek. ”I think it’s important to try to schedule around events, vacations, and time off requests, because it creates a system of trust. If they can rely on you to be on top of their events then we can entrust them to lend an extra hand when needed.” 

  1. Define roles and responsibilities

“Every role is vitally important and the work everyone does contributes positively to our bottom line,” said Halek. “When our team understands the important role they play, it empowers them to help put out the best products and the best service.” 

“I believe every member of our team is a rockstar!”

How do you motivate and inspire your team? 

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