5 Quick Tips For Surviving The Busy Season At Work

Picture of UFS Digital Media Team

UFS Digital Media Team

Busy seasons can present challenges and may cause extra stress if you aren’t prepared. Our newest team member, Jimmy Lyons, has decades of management experience and has put together his list of quick tips to help you not just survive but thrive during your busy work season.   

  1. Think three days ahead. There are always obstacles and unforeseen challenges that arise. Preparedness for the unforeseen is so important.
  2. Organization. Being organized not only keeps you one step ahead, but improves your product as well.
  3. Be a leader. When we are coming up on busy times of the year, your team is only as good as its person guiding them along the way.
  4. Focus on the tasks at hand, and attack them with 100 percent confidence. 
  5. Smile. It is contagious, and lowers the stress level for you and your team.

How do you prepare for busy season?

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