Professional Development at Henny Penny Headquarters

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UFS Digital Media Team

Evolving as a business starts with professional development at United Foodservice Solutions. It is our mission to equip our team with the resources and knowledge they need to thrive and make them ready for new opportunities. Not only does this help our team, it also helps us provide the best customer service possible for our clients.

Recently, we sent one of our new team members, Jimmy Lyons, to a comprehensive 2-day training, led by the Americas sales team and corporate chef, Gregg Brickman at the Henny Penny Headquarters in Eaton, OH. 

Jimmy came back to the UFS team with knowledge of: 

  •   Pressure frying: Equipment overview and hands on cooking 
  •   Holding: Equipment overview and applications for use  
  •   Open frying: Equipment overview and hands on cooking
  •   Combi: Equipment overview and hands on cooking   
  •   Handouts: trend data (current & future), prime products, breading, oil management

We look forward to keeping you updated on our team’s professional development. Contact today to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them. 

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