Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Restaurant & Lodge has been preparing to welcome guests for the holiday season for weeks. We had the opportunity to go behind the scenes with Tina Pogoreski, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage, to get a glimpse of the magic that happens in the kitchens of Michigan’s famous Inn this time of year. 

“We are expecting more guests than ever,” Pogoreski said. “Last year was takeout only so we are really looking forward to the busy holiday season.” 

In addition to the hospitality many patrons have come to love and expect, Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Restaurant & Lodge will be striving for something new this year to enhance their customer’s experiences.

“We are trying a streamlined menu to expedite the speed of service and to give our guests a ‘different’ option for food,” Pogoreski said. 

We have the privilege of working with Tina and her team, allowing us to see their impressive operations in motion. 

“If you are an outsider walking into our kitchens the first thing you will notice is how BIG they are! Massive in fact, and you would have to be, to be able to feed thousands of guests,” explained Pogoreski. “Our equipment is the essence of our food production.”

Looking beyond the holidays, Pogoreski has a hope that many in her industry share when planning for 2022, “Some sort of peace and normalcy.”

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