Ice Drinks Machine

V-Dream Carpigiani

Introducing the DREAM by V-AIR, the ultimate solution for businesses looking to add a touch of flair and convenience to their frozen drink offerings. With its sleek design, stunning color-changing LED sequence and exclusive vertical ventilation technology, the DREAM creates impact and conversation. Its direct drive cylinder mixer motor and brushless hopper mixer motor deliver improved efficiency and reliability, making it the perfect choice for front of house.

With a high capacity, easy-to-use design, the DREAM can serve up to 125 x 400ml frozen drinks within 20 minutes of start-up and offers continuous supply with just a simple hopper refill. With a compact size of only 40cm wide and a plug-and-play setup, the DREAM is the perfect addition to any operation seeking to increase profits with frozen cocktails or drinks.

Estimate: $10,240.00

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