Lara’s Market: UFS National Chicken Month Spotlight

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UFS Digital Media Team

Our very own Jimmy the Chicken Guy has picked Lara’s Market for this week’s National Chicken Month spotlight!

Jimmy’s notes: 📝

Lara’s Market is a new customer of ours. Rony, who goes by the nickname Sky, recently opened his market in Chesaning, and began a chicken program for his local clientele that focuses on lunch and dinner. He is in a small town where everybody knows him, and judging by his results, they absolutely love his business.

He’s been in the convenience store business for over 20 years, but didn’t introduce a chicken program until he opened his most recent store in Chesaning five months ago. He named the store after his youngest daughter, Lara. His store was originally a Burger King. Sky and his maintenance person did almost all of the work to transform it into a fantastic place.


All his equipment is first class. His coffee and drink machines, his ovens, and of course, Henny Penny fryers. He began with a couple of used non-Henny Penny fryers just to test how the program would work, and soon realized he needed something more.

He’s very happy he made the switch. The labor savings, ease of operation, and oil savings he’s seen have been amazing for him. Sky is more than pleased at the success of his chicken program. He stated his increased foot traffic is in large part due to his fresh breaded chicken program, and without it, his store wouldn’t be the success it is.

We are honored to be partner with Lara’s Market! Who should we feature next?

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