What We Learned at Gelato University

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UFS Digital Media Team

Have you ever tried gelato? You may be surprised to learn that authentic gelato is very difficult to perfect. When our customers showed interest in purchasing equipment to create their own frozen treats, we decided that our team needed to master the art of making gelato. To provide the best customer service possible we attended the prestigious Carpigiani’s Gelato University.

Gelato University is “the biggest and most advanced gelato laboratory in the world, where students can have practice making recipes with the most experienced gelato instructors and the best, latest generation machines,” according to Carpigiani. We sent our team to one of Gelato University’s satellite kitchens on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. 

“Bob and I learned that there is a TON of work that goes into crafting great gelato,” United Foodservice Solutions President Aaron Hubbard said. “We learned how to make gelato from scratch, how the Carpigiani equipment functions, how to best figure out which unit is best for our individual customers, and gained a better understanding of the gelato industry.”

We also gained a valuable skill to help our customers add signature desserts to their menus. 

“We can take a customer’s idea for their ‘secret,’ or specific gelato recipe and make it happen,” Hubbard said. “One of our classmates wanted to make a Coca-Cola and peanut flavored option for her store…and they did. Crazy!”

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