UFS President Aaron “Suit Guy” Hubbard Shares His Favorite Looks

Picture of UFS Digital Media Team

UFS Digital Media Team

Dressing to impress is important in business. United Foodservice Solutions President, Aaron Hubbard, has used fashion to make a statement at The Lipari Food Shows. The Lipari team assigns a theme to each show and Hubbard dresses in accordance, earning himself a new title. 

“I quickly became known as ‘The Suit Guy’ and I have to live up to the name,” said Hubbard. “One year it was a jungle theme so I had a leopard print suit. Then, there was a carnival theme so I had to get a suit to match, and so on…”

Hubbard doesn’t just sport colorful patterns and unique textures anywhere.  

“Lipari is the only show where I wear the suits,” Hubbard said. “Lipari is very family based. They always recognize the ‘Suit Guy.’ A lot of customers hunt me down to find out what I am wearing every year! Each suit is my favorite, since I get the same great reactions at each show.”

This year the theme was “Sea of Savings.” Hubbard suited up with swimming goldfish printed on his blazer and tie. If you are looking forward to seeing what suit makes its debut next, you may have to wait. 

 “I will wait until they announce the theme for 2023 and then I will start looking,” said Hubbard.  

So, what suit is your favorite? Are you team leopard print or Lucky Charms? Let us know in the comments. 

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